Strata Management

OCV Management's service consist of but is not limited to:

  • Complying with all requirements under the Owners Corporation regulations.
  • Work closely with the chairperson and secretary of the Owners Corporation.
  • Schedule and conduct AGM's and special meetings when required.
  • Prepare annual financial budgets for approval by the owners.
  • Arrange property valuations for replacement cost insurance purposes.
  • Obtain and maintain public liability and replacement cost insurance as required by the Owners Corporation regulations at competitive rates.
  • Lodge and follow up insurance claims to ensure prompt settlement and completion of repairs etc.
  • Maintain up to date records of all owners including property sales and transfer of strata title ownership.
  • Maintain individual owners corporation bank accounts and property financial records.
  • Invoicing and collection of fees and levies from owners.
  • Provide regular maintenance services to common areas including gardening and cleaning.
  • Obtain competitive quotations for repairs and maintenance, checking progress and quality of work performed.
  • Arbitrate disputes and advise owners on any legal and practical aspects of Owners Corporation management.
  • Preparation and communication of consolidated "House Rules" if required.

  Specialised Services

  • We provide regular financial statements and activity report to the committee's, including internet access to accounts through the web.
  • We manage cash flow and ensure fees are paid promptly.
  • We meet tradesmen on the site to obtain quotations for common property maintenance or repairs and supervise their work once approved by the committee.
  • We maintain an after hours "emergency" building maintenance service with Tymaline Building Services.